Prestige Series: 80% AFUE 2-Stage ECM Motor

  • Models: RGPE, RGLE
  • Serial Communicating Enabled Comfort Control System
  • 2-Stage Variable Speed Motor
  • High Efficiency
  • Advanced Indoor Air Quality Capability
  • Direct Spark Ignition
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The Comfort Control² System™ provides:

  • On-Board Diagnostics – The Rheem exclusive dual 7-Segment LED Display on the control board quickly and accurately shows your contractor the source of system malfunctions. This feature aids the contractor in servicing or repairing your unit, saving you time and money.
  • Fault Recall – Even if there is a power failure, this feature will retain the system’s “operation history” and will display it on the control board for quick and easy viewing during service calls.
  • Increased Dependability – The thermostat communication capability can alert you to any necessary service requirements, giving you peace of mind that your home comfort is guaranteed.

Features & Benefits

  • To help improve the sound quality of the Rheem Prestige Series™ Super Quiet 80™, we re-engineered the door and top-plate to provide a sound barrier between the furnace’s operation and your home.
  • The ECM Motor delivers more airflow on less electricity than standard blower motors. The ECM motor is so frugal with electricity that, when properly matched, it can even raise the SEER level of your air conditioning equipment by one full point. The ECM motor has a special “soft start” and “soft stop” feature so that each move from cycle to cycle is smooth and quiet – never abrupt.
  • The integrated, two-stage control board directs activities of the gas valve and blower to efficiently keep your home at its comfortable best.
  • The two-stage gas valve adjusts the flow of gas to the burner, providing “low heat” and “high heat” as needed for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Direct spark ignition is an extremely efficient way to light the burner while eliminating the need for a standing pilot. And for added safety during operation, the remote flame sensor constantly monitors the burner flame to ensure it is burning as it should.
  • Because the Super Quiet 80™ two-stage usually runs at the lower speed, you will enjoy energy saving and operation that is quieter. Working in conjunction with the two-stage burner and the heat exchanger, this induced draft blower quietly pulls hot combustion gases through the heat exchanger and vents them safely outdoors.
  • A permanent, washable filter makes it easy to keep a clean filter in place. No more filters to buy or store. A clean filter helps your furnace run more efficiently and can improve the indoor air quality of your home.