Hydronic Coil PSC or X-13 Motor Option

  • Model RHWB
  • Integrated HVAC & Water Heating
  • Home heating and water heating – powered by tankless technology
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Enjoy the Advantages of an Integrated Air and Water Solution
As part of the industry’s only heating and water heating system that’s designed, built and warrantied by one company, Rheem Hydronic Air Handlers allow you to enjoy reliable home comfort, while maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing energy costs.

Energy Savings The greatest energy savings from Rheem Hydronic Air Handlers are experienced during colder months when heating is needed; that’s because RHWB models are able to absorb the heat needed to warm your home from hot water produced by an up to 94% efficient Rheem Tankless Water Heater. This means your home can be heated at up to 94% efficiency, because the water heater powers heat production. Additional energy savings can be experienced year-round by choosing an RHWB model with a high-efficiency blower motor, and pairing the unit with a high-efficiency Rheem cooling system.

Humidity Control A Rheem Hydronic Air Handler improves the comfort of your home by maintaining proper humidity levels, improving air quality and lowering static electricity levels. Because the unit uses water to transfer heat, the heat you feel is naturally softer and less drying than heat produced by traditional furnaces and air handlers.

Complete Integrated Home Comfort As part of a complete home comfort system, this hydronic air handler is compatible with a full line of Rheem products, including tankless water heaters, air conditioning units, heat pumps and cooling coils. Your contractor can recommend the best system to provide your family with the versatility of comfort every season.

The Rewards of Rheem Proven Quality

Quiet Operation An insulated blower compartment makes Rheem Hydronic Air Handlers some of the quietest hydronic air handlers available. Choosing a model with a high-efficiency blower motor allows you to enjoy greater energy savings along with quiet operation.

Versatile Design
The 4-way convertible design and low 34″ profile of Rheem Hydronic Air Handlers allow the unit to easily fit in with the design of your home.

Easy Service Rheem Hydronic Air Handlers are engineered to provide technicians easy access to all internal components, helping to keep any regular maintenance short and simple.