16 SEER High Efficiency – ECM Motor – Standard “N” Coil

  • Model RHPL
  • 16 SEER
  • High Efficiency – ECM Motor
  • Standard “N” coil factory-installed
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Enjoy the Advantage of Cutting-Edge Technology
Featuring the Comfort Control2 System, Rheem High-Efficiency Air Handlers are expertly designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize energy costs while delivering reliable, quiet operation that makes being home even more comfortable.

Energy Savings The Rheem RHPL Series Air Handler is designed for high performance, exceeding the standard efficiency requirements and, in many cases, enhancing the efficiency rating of your outdoor air conditioning unit.

Humidity Control A new Rheem Air Handler will help manage humidity levels in the home, improving your comfort and helping you save money on energy bills.

Efficient Heating & Cooling Rheem Air Handlers also feature a flexible design that allows them to meet the needs of a variety of systems. Your contractor will recommend a unit that will best meet your home’s airflow needs. The factory-installed indoor cooling coil is the key component for your air handler. The coil is essential to humidity control and improved system performance, and the high-quality standards used in manufacturing result in fewer maintenance calls.

The Rewards of Rheem Proven Quality

Quiet Operation The Rheem RHPL Series Air Handler is designed with a sturdy steel cabinet with one inch of foil-faced insulation, offering excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Optional Electric Heat When a heat pump is paired with the unit, Rheem Air Handlers can also provide efficient heating for your home. An optional electric heater kit can be added to keep you cozy all winter long.

Easy Service Rheem Air Handlers have been engineered to provide your technician easy access to all internal components, helping any service time stay short and simple.